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Cyber Security Heroes

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Through out my career I have come across some absolutely brilliant people who's goal was never to be the 'hero', but through their passion and kindness became mine. I recently had the opportunity to interview a couple of my Cyber Heroes, this list isn't exhaustive of course but please do read on for some of the people that have inspired me in my Cyber journey.

Cyber Heroes part 1: Dr. Jessica Barker

They say you should never meet your heroes, often they will just disappoint you, but thankfully there’s also exceptions to this rule. The first of my cyber heroes I interviewed is Dr. Jessica Barker, whom you may have seen talk about the psychology of Cyber Security, the human factor. Jess looks at human behaviour and why we react the way we do to different situations. Read

Cyber Heroes part 2: David Prince

In part two of my cyber heroes series, we’re looking at one of my closest friends and the person who convinced me to make a career change to cyber security, David Prince. David is one of those natural leaders, he can see potential where others see only challenge. David brings a kindness to his mentorship, he recognises humans are the most valuable asset to a company, and there for aims to keep his troops motivated to be able to excel in their own way. Read

Cyber Heroes part 3: Holly Williams

I am beyond excited to introduce Holly Williams as one of my brilliant Cyber heroes. Holly and I met just a short year ago but since the moment I saw her presentation she inspired me. Holly's passion carried through to every aspect of her being, and her friendliness made me want to join in on her adventures. Read

Cyber Heroes part 4: Per Thorsheim

What makes Per Thorsheim unique is his password obsession. Per stands for the user, realising that is not always the their fault when their passwords fail. Per continuously inspires others to join the revolution, one way he's done this is by founding PasswordsCon. Read

Cyber Heroes part 5: Scott Helme

In part 5, I am proud to introduce you to Scott Helme. Scott's passion lies in web security, and he truly is a hero in his own right creating services such as Security Headers and Report URI. Along with his blog that takes his research and experience to clarify all things web. Scott also runs courses that benefit everyone, making the internet safer, one website at a time. Read

Although that's the end to my Cyber Heroes series, that is in no way the end to my heroes! I have an absolute wonderful community in the Cisco Champions, Tech Field Day, and InfoSec community on Twitter. Which, even then, doesn't bring a close to my heroes. Each and every being we meet has an impact on our lives, and I've been blessed with meeting some of the best.


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