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Are We All Imposters?

Taking a quick rewind to the first half of 2022, during another brilliant Security Field Day conference, Chris Grundemann and I caught up discussing some personal projects we have in work. Chris mentioned his plans for a podcast discussing Imposter Syndrome, and how he wanted to use this to build a community looking at technical career paths, and hiring teams looking to find the right fit within their business.

"I pivoted from cosmetology to art school to then cyber security and now OSINT. So, I feel constantly like someone is going to figure out that I don't belong here all the time." - Rae Baker

I was immediately on board, topics like building confidence, mentoring, sponsorship, and highlighting hardworking industry persons whilst demystifying how they got there - that sounded fabulous! Shortly after, Eva Leos joined the fun creating lovely graphics, the logo, and website. Then it felt like the next day we had started recording!

2022 saw us interview and publish 22 episodes, where we covered a variety of topics from: the importance of building community, chasing your passions, managing upwards, being authentic, and not being afraid to try.

"I've kind of desensitised to the concept that I'm gonna fail and see it less as like a final destination, and more like a learning opportunity." - Lisa Forte

So far in 2023, we have had the brilliant opportunity to continue speaking with lovely guests. Kicking things off slightly different, with our first episode from a tech adjacent, Dr Stefani Goerlich a Sex, Relationships, & Mental Health Therapist. Where we had the opportunity to talk though what we often get wrong when it comes to professional relationships and communication.

"...we don't actually talk about what we expect from one another, and then we get really frustrated when they don't magically know what we want from them. So, biggest issue, across the board, unspoken expectations." - Dr. Stefani Goerlich

Chris and I are beyond thankful for the guests and listeners participation in building the #ImposterNetwork, and look forward to hearing many more new and exciting journeys. We are privileged to be able to highlight the people creating a more connected and interesting world.


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