Ethical Hacking vs Cyber Security

November 13, 2017


Part of being a Cisco Champion involves outreach, being parts of the community to help and inspire others find their passions in the technical world. It was in one of these outreach groups I came across a simple question:


“What’s the difference between Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking?”


The simple truth is, Ethical Hacking is a part of Cyber Security.


As a Cyber Analyst, it is my job to find the best solution for my client, in some situations that is reviewing policies and procedures. In others, it’s breaking in. The ultimate goal of Ethical Hacking is to highlight the vulnerabilities real life hackers can exploit, before they can be. Yes, it's fun. Yes, it can be "hacking" software, deploying Phishing campaigns, and even physically gaining access to a building. 


Cyber Security isn’t one set thing, it’s a rainbow of skillsets, tools, and passions – often combined, to make the most effective secure environment.


There is no environment 100% secure, and absolutely no way, we can remove all risk. The goal of a Cyber Security Analyst is the lower the risk to acceptable levels, and implement controls to mitigate impact.

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