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Taking Non-Tech Skills and Applying them to Cyber Security

The principles of cyber security are often not well understood, many times analogies are used to explain something. I have even heard security concepts or topics, such as passwords, compared with knickers, in an effort to make people laugh. Whilst I have edited my version below to be slightly more aligned, and added a bra because why not - these are used because cyber security tends to have a negative association.

How exactly do we begin to remove that negativity, simplify the concepts, and present difficult topics; all whilst people tend to tune out when the topic is brought up? One thing I have found is referencing the work they already do, the skills they already have, and aligning with cyber security principles.

Years ago, I remember listening to someone speak on how Surfing helped them in their daily role. Whilst I can't remember what the role was or the speaker, I do remember the passion that speaker shared for surfing and how engaged I was throughout the presentation. I am not actively interested in surfing, but the excitement of the speaker made me want to celebrate with her.

Next time you have an awareness session to host, talk to present, or concept to get across to the non-security and/or non-technical crowd - consider comparisons that can simplify the topic and bridge the knowledge gap. That was my inspiration when I wrote 5 Lessons Learnt from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that are applicable to Cyber Security.



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