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Podcasting config

Whilst I’m nowhere near qualified to advise on a proper AV configuration, or know really all that much on the topic - I do have my own smashed together pieces I use. After discussing with many, being laughed at by most, I decided to share what I have!

This is not a ‘follow this’ or ‘how to’ guide, it’s simply a quick demonstration to bring a smile to your face. Check out the video here My Silly Setup For Podcasting - or embedded below:

For those unable to watch and/or curious on links, let’s cover what I discuss below.

1. Microphone: I use a Røde VideoMicro, I have one for a camera but there are other options more suited! This one was just readily available to ship when I needed one.

2. Stand: this is actually a Joby mobile phone stand, but it works.

3. ThoughtWorks robot: this is a dual female to male 3.5 mm audio cable splitter - that happens to look like an adorable robot.

4. Headphones: any cabled option.

5. Adapter 3.5mm audio jack to USB-C: simply because I’m plugging into my iPad. The option I ordered is labelled with Acezzorz, but it was again bought for being available at the time.

Again, there are a variety of solutions out there - Røde even has a section specifically for Studio mics, plus there’s many more brands. The one challenge I run into, and even worse now in Ireland/during this time, is getting things shipped to me.

If I were able to redo it, I would stick with Røde but possibly choose a mic suited to the need. Once the camera I’m waiting on arrives, I will test out video calling with an (actually sexy) camera + mic, and report back!


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