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International Women's Day

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I saw a prompt on Facebook, #SheInspiresMeBecause, and it made me think, there's many brilliant women in my life. Many more than I could possibly share, so I decided to introduce four women that you may not have heard of but who shaped me into who I am today.

My mum, she inspires me because she never gave up. Being diagnosed with cancer, being told you weren't going to survive, being sent home by the doctor's.. many would have given in. My mum didn't.

My sister, she inspires me because she persisted. Throughout university in a highly demanding curriculum, throughout her career in the field of Microbiology, when it's hard to simply get funding, even harder to get noticed. She persisted to pursue her dreams.

My sister, she inspires me because she smiles throughout. Apprenticeship hairdressing feels impossible, fractured hip, toxic environment, and horrendous clients, she greets every morning with a smile (once she's had coffee).

My god mum, she inspires me because she shared her heart until the end. Meeting my mum by chance, helping raise me, and always being there when I needed her. Until the day cancer took her from us, she loved.

There are amazing women all around us, and it's our job to recognise their brilliance. To all the women out there feeling low, you are: noticed, appreciated, and loved by someone.

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