What I wish you understood with service animals

Health is a big topic lately, not just the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, but also mental health and the impact of our industry. We have continued this conversation from a variety of fronts, including conference going organisations dedicated to mental health. Last year, it was a bit closer to home, when my little sister Elyssa finally was able to adopt a service animal, for her specialised needs. Cleopatra, a golden retriever now just shy of a year old and around 75 lbs, has enabled Elyssa to regain some independence. As an outside view in, I saw a district change in confidence, hope, and resilience Elyssa has had, from the moment of receiving Cleo. I would like to take a moment to thank the com

Hacker Habits

One day I was working on a client site, and throughout the meeting rooms and different working areas there were signs posted that covered habits to strive for success. These ‘success habits’ got me thinking. When providing awareness training, building security programmes, and tailoring hard controls within organisations I focus on habits as well. Good habits to encourage, like taking a second to think before clicking a link or opening an attachment. Or not-so-amazing habits we want to address and ultimately change; such as oversharing online. This led me to introduce the 7 Habits of a Hacker, targeting habits that non-technical people can address in their own lives to protect themselves. Hab

Navigating Industrial Control System Security Series

Recently I’ve dug into Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and security for Tripwire, enhanced by an excellent field guide called Navigating Industrial Control Systems. If you’re interested in learning more about ICS, Operational Technology (OT), and how cyber security can be embedded into this - check out the five articles below: Navigating ICS Security: Knowing the Basics Navigating ICS Security: The Threat Landscape Navigating ICS Security: The Value of Frameworks Navigating ICS Security: Best Practices for ICS Decision Makers Navigating ICS Security: Having your Action Plan Ready

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