Conferences: Business Case

When I meet other techs within industry, I’m often asked, how exactly do you get to do so many conferences throughout the year? Honestly, it’s not easy, it takes quite a bit of negotiation of my time and resources. Taking holiday: most of the time, I attend conferences as myself whilst on holiday from work. Some of you might say that’s not healthy, but sharing my knowledge is why I got into this industry so, whilst it’s not perfect, it’s what I do. Business representative: sometimes a conference aligns directly with the organisation’s needs, wants, focus, and offerings. When you find the conference that speaks directly to the business, this is your time to negotiate and be able to spend a wo

Making Security Safe for all

Let’s take a second to understand what diversity truly means: I am white, female, I have been raped, I have been stalked, I have been abused, I am a survivor of domestic abuse and yet - I can in no way speak for all of the survivors of domestic abuse. I am but one story, one person, one piece in a much larger view. Over the last 10 years of my technical career, I have seen trends towards diversity, with genuine attempts at ‘curing’ or ‘healing’ or ‘creating a safe place’ throughout the many parts of industry. However, let me remind you of one simple fact white men, they are a part of our industry too. Attacking persons simply because of their gender, that’s not creating a diverse environment

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