Values & Behaviours

[Audio version] As a manager you're often faced with motivating your troops. Your job is to make sure you enable them to succeed, even in the most challenging situations. But what happens when you're faced with someone that no longer seems to be excelling, the 'team spirit' has gone away and there's a considerable change to their day to day? During my professional career one thing that has become apparent is although we recognise everyone is different, everyone has a background, what we often forget is what that history means. When you judge someone's performance do realise that each of us have values and behaviours. We can be motivated differently, and focusing on what has worked for others

Cyber Security Heroes

Through out my career I have come across some absolutely brilliant people who's goal was never to be the 'hero', but through their passion and kindness became mine. I recently had the opportunity to interview a couple of my Cyber Heroes, this list isn't exhaustive of course but please do read on for some of the people that have inspired me in my Cyber journey. Cyber Heroes part 1: Dr. Jessica Barker They say you should never meet your heroes, often they will just disappoint you, but thankfully there’s also exceptions to this rule. The first of my cyber heroes I interviewed is Dr. Jessica Barker, whom you may have seen talk about the psychology of Cyber Security, the human factor. Jess looks

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